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Marbella Rehab

Our readers are at decision ready stage. They are either actively seeking rehab in Marbella, or having already been in contact with a facility, many are conducting extensive due diligence on a provider prior to final commitment.

“Marbella Rehabs provides an easy and trusted Reference to the very best treatment facilities on the Iberian Peninsula. They have been instrumental in our successful expanision into Europe."

Marbella.Rehab Audience

The specialist healthcare / medical nature of Marbella.Rehab means that our site visitors are seeking specific information on treatment facilities on the South Coast of Spain.

Typically, they will be entering a treatment facility within 5 days of researching Marbella Rehab clinics.

Our audience is split 60/40 between direct client searches and searches by their families and loved ones.

62% of our audience have been in treatment at least once in the past five years. They are seeking long term, lasting recovery options from the very best providers in the wider Marbella area.

52% of our audience present with Dual Diagnosis.

Message Marbella.Rehab

    Marbella.Rehab are ideally placed to use their local knowledge and contacts to recommend the best course of treatment from the very best and recommended local treatment providers.

    Rehab in Marbella

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    Marbella Rehab
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    The best and worst Rehabs in Marbella.